Blue Wade

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Making the figure out of computerized technology speaks to our present and future reality of the body composed of natural and computerized components, such as, cloned organs and Rapid Prototyped skins. My work is made from the consciousness of seeing ourselves in the context of current technology’s effect on us.  


Teaching Packet

I approach teaching using a variety of methodologies that evolves learning to make art through thinking, seeing, doing, and critical review. Students thrive when exposed to an art making process that includes theory, history, practice, and criticism of art. This process prepares students to become future professional designers and artists that will be forward thinking leaders in the arts community.  


Students Artwork

 For some students, learning how to use both real and digital materials can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. Offering encouragement and one-on-one time to a student who wants to program digital interactivity in a sculpture but who has never turned on a computer before or a student attempting to make a rubber mold who has seldom made anything by hand is essential.  Working with students in this fashion allows me to correct any misconceptions developed during large demonstration.   


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